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When buying a home in Norway the bid is binding and there are no regrets

Home buying in Norway is quite complicated for the buyer, and as a buyer, you have a big responsibility to check the sales material and the property itself before bidding. This is called the buyer's duty of inspection and is regulated by law. The bid is binding, and there are no regrets. Therefore, if you are unable to understand and read everything in the sales material, you may overlook important aspects of the property you want to buy and face problems afterward. It is also difficult for buyers to find the correct market price when bidding because the tools for estimating property values are only available to professionals – like me.


Welcome to my world - about me

My name is Trude Larsen, and I have over 40 years of experience working in housing. My background includes housing management, real estate, and the development and sale of new homes. I am a trained real estate agent but work exclusively as a buyer's representative.

In 2016, I began advising home buyers. I discovered that there is significant frustration in the market: buyers simply receive far too little help and care during the buying process. Many people feel that the broker is primarily the seller’s representative. With my business, I aim to create greater balance in the real estate market in Norway

Welcome to Norway

To date, I have helped  around 1.000 families purchase their dream homes, including a lot of English speakers. A few years ago, I began writing blog posts about home buying in Norway in English. As a result, I received numerous inquiries for assistance with home purchases from individuals whose first or second language is English.

Some of my customers already live in Norway and, like most Norwegians, want to own their own home. Others wish to move to Norway or have a vacation home in our beautiful country.

As far as I know, none of my English speaking clients have regretted their purchase, and I can gladly provide you with references.


Personal advicing

Apart from this imbalance where the buyer does not receive adequate help and stands alone against a professional party, the real estate agent, the home buying process in Norway is well regulated by law with the aim of protecting both the seller and the buyer. The formal aspects of the home buying process and the financial transactions are conducted safely and efficiently. However, when you are not familiar with the market and how everything works, you need someone like me to guide you through the process.

That’s why I have created a concept for personal advising where I guide you through the entire buying process. From identifying your wishes and needs to searching for suitable properties and ensuring their quality. And last but not least, I help you determine the right purchase price and assist with strategy during the bidding process. You will get answers to absolutely everything you wonder about along the way. The price is fixed and applies until you have completed your home purchase, no matter how many properties we need to examine.

Price:   NOK 20.000 incl. VAT for the whole process


If you need assistance with any part of the home buying process, such as reviewing sales materials or other related tasks, I can offer my services at a rate of NOK 1,300 per hour.

We can also arrange a non-binding digital meeting to discuss your possibilities and requirements and how I can assist you.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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